Reports: Guns-in-Lots Holstered, Dreams of a Safe Commute Dashed



House Speaker Beth Harwell letting it slip that guns-in-lots will have to wait another year, courtesy of TNReport

Gun-owning commuters may have to brave the drive to the office without a firearm for at least another year, according to reports from the Associated Press and the Commercial Appeal that the so-called "Guns-in-Lots" bill is likely dead for the session.

The legislation, which has put Republicans in the middle of a fight between two pillars of their constituency — gun owners and business interests — would have prohibited employers from banning the storage of firearms by employers in their cars parked on company lots. The bill ran afoul of Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's good graces when it was amended to include licensed hunters. Ramsey told reporters at the time that he was "as big of a Second Amendment rights person that's ever lived" but that the new provision went "too far."

Proponents of the bill have argued all session that without the right to keep the heat in their trunk at work, they'd be left defenseless during their commute, which was the No. 1 killer of Americans last year. Don't believe that stat? Drive to work tomorrow without a rifle and see how far you get.

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