Here's to Bobbie Patray: And Now for the Favor-Returning Portion of the Legislative Season



On Monday's calendar is House Joint Resolution 823 to honor Bobbie Patray for being one of those residents of the State of Tennessee who has "dedicated themselves to improving the quality of life for their fellow citizens."

Has Bobbie Patray improved the quality of life for her fellow citizens? Not if her fellow citizens are Muslim. She totally has it out for those folks.

In her role as "citizen lobbyist" and president of the Tennessee Eagle Forum — yes, Phyllis Schlafly's group, and yes, their secret motto is probably, "We hate feminism and think women should embrace traditional gender roles, except for us, because we have important work to do!" — Patray and her organization helped to embarrass us all nationally with their legislation to ban Sharia law, and they're working on embarrassing us all nationally again by trying to make it illegal for U.S. residents who aren't citizens to teach at charter schools (because they might teach scary Muslim things).

I know what you're thinking. Causing us all to cringe in embarrassment and making our Muslim neighbors feel unwelcome sure doesn't sound like "a public-spirited citizen of the highest order and as an exceptional asset to her community," but people, look at what she has done for Tennesseans:

• She's made Bill Ketron's life easier by handing him legislation to sponsor so that he doesn't have to come up with any on his own (note his involvement in both the abovementioned bills).

• She lent her group's endorsement to Robin Smith and other prominent Republican candidates.

• The Tennessee Eagle Forum gave Susan Lynn an award.

She teaches Republicans how to be more involved in the legislative process. Well, at least Republican voters. I look forward to her teaching Ketron how to write his own bills.

She's powerful enough that Republican gubernatorial candidates all court the Tennessee Eagle Forum's endorsement.

I could go on, but I assume you also know how to Google. The point is that she's being honored not for her work for Tennesseans, but for her work for legislators. She has scratched their backs enough that now they're scratching hers. I only wish they'd let her write her own resolution. That would have been fitting.

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