Stacey Campfield: Do as He Says, Not as He Does, Because He Doesn't Remember What He Does



Stacey Campfield has taken to his blog to expound on the Trayvon Martin situation and to answer questions about whether we have a similar Stand Your Ground law.

I have goten a few questions on if Tennessee has a "Stand your ground" policy. As I recall I am pretty sure we do have it in Tennessee.

As Say Uncle points out, we do have such a law. Stacey Campfield, in fact, sponsored it. I guess it didn't make much of an impression.

You'd think that Campfield would have some sympathy for a dead kid. But apparently not.

I am sorry but people wearing pulled up hoodies do apear ominous and I don't care what color the person is. If I saw a person in A pulled up hoodie (expecially in the summer in Florida) I would fear the person was trying to concele their identity for some nefarious reason. Seldom a good thing.

Wow, so Campfield is nervous about people who cover their heads in the rain, in the "summer" of February. So, covering your head is concealing your identity, possibly for some nefarious reason, but covering your whole face with a luchador mask before you go to a football game is all in good fun?

Or is this Campfield's way of admitting that he is up to nefarious things and we should rightly fear his ominous presence?

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