Maggart Retorts to Turner, Dems: You're Overcompensating and Filing Bills for Transvestites



This statement sent to media in the wake of yesterday's comments by Rep. Mike Turner, the State House's No. 2 Democrat, who accused social-agenda extremists in the GOP majority of being "preoccupied with sex":

After hearing the comments made by Democratic Leadership to media outlets earlier today, Representative Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville), who chairs the House Republican Caucus, issued the following statement:

“As usual, Chairman Turner and the Democrats are overcompensating for something. Perhaps it's their limited legislative agenda?

"Regardless, the reality is, this week alone the Republican Majority advanced proposals to eliminate the death tax in Tennessee, create a FastTrack grant program for local economic development projects, and revise the unemployment benefits program so Tennesseans who legitimately need support can receive it without burdening taxpayers. That's called a jobs agenda. Turner and his crew should help us with this instead of filing bills for transvestites (HB 187), legalizing pot (HB 294), and raising the gas tax (HB 2277). That's a reckless agenda that hurts Tennessee."

H/T: Steven Hale.

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