Rep. David Hawk Arrested for Domestic Violence



News outlets around the state are reporting that Greeneville State Rep. David Hawk was arrested over the weekend for domestic assault and will be arraigned Monday morning. The Greeneville Sun reports that the arrest came after an altercation with Hawk's wife in their home.

"The report says the call came in from David Hawk's wife, Crystal Hawk," WCYB-Channel 5 reports. "She said they had been drinking early that morning. and that Hawk looked through her cell phone and became mad. She said they began arguing and around 8:00 Sunday morning, he hit her in the face with his hand and knocked her to the ground. She told authorities she was holding their 11-month-old daughter at the time."

This is not the first time the legal system has been asked to intervene in Hawk's domestic relations. A few years ago, his ex-wife took out an order of protection against him, which she later had rescinded.

Listen, if someone you love or loved is hitting you or stalking you or threatening you, if he or she is a danger to your children, there are resources you can turn to. Here is a partial list. I know that there always seems to be a good excuse for why this shit happens and lots of reasons for why you should believe that it's never going to happen again. And I know the person who hurts you can also be incredibly loving and wonderful and fun to be around. You may, indeed, be the only person who understands him or her.

All those things can be true — the reasons are understandable, the apologies sincere, the person otherwise wonderful, and you may be the only person who understands him or her — and you still deserve better. You still should not be abused.

Please, if you are being abused, get help. The odds that your abuser will stop hurting you on his or her own are very slim. And you deserve better than slim odds.

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