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What will they think of next?
  • What will they think of next?
1. According to The Tennessean, "Don't Say Gay" could "actually liberalize sex education laws in Tennessee by letting elementary and middle schools teach about heterosexuality, which it describes as 'natural human reproduction.' Current state law does not allow any sex education until high school." No one bothered to look to see, before trying to ban any teaching of homosexual sexual behavior before high school, whether any teaching of sexual behavior happened before high school? Oh, that's brilliant.

2. As Roger Abramson points out on Twitter, state Rep. Bill Sanderson wants to make it illegal to buy beer through the self-checkout lane after "He got the idea from 1) a movie that 2) he didn't even see." Yes, he doesn't think we should be able to buy beer through the self-checkout lane because someone told him a story about a make-believe situation already covered by our laws regarding theft. I'd rather not have any legislation based on made-up situations, but my god, is it too much to ask that, if we have to, that they be made-up situations a legislator has personally witnessed?

3. According to The Tennessean, state Rep. Mike Sparks has a bill, HB2923, that "will punish store owners caught selling the newer synthetic or more traditional drugs in their stores by suspending their ability to sell beer and cigarettes" by requiring "the commissioner of revenue to revoke the tobacco license for 60 days."

The problem? Store owners in Tennessee don't have to get a tobacco license. Nope. According to state law (67-4-1015), tobacco manufacturers and wholesalers are licensed, not retailers. No one thought to find out who has to get a tobacco license before trying to legislate who's going to get it taken away?

Really, is it too much to ask that our state legislators not waste the state's time and money with legislation that doesn't address actual reality?

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