Edwin Warner Park: A Review



Location: Old Hickory Boulevard and Hwy. 100
Size of Park: Huge
Crowds: Medium
Approximate Age of Patrons: Adults
Topics of Conversation: "This Porta Potty is disgusting."
Stray Dogs Seen: None
Types of Vehicles in Parking Lots: All kinds
Perceived Safety: High
Number of Gunshots Heard: None
Dog Friendliness: Great
Number of pitbulls sighted: Just mine
Accessibility: Can be an issue
Incorporation of Local History: Not as much as I might like
Recommended Patrons: Everyone

I have to admit, up front, that I failed to do the one thing I vowed to do at Edwin Warner Park when the time to review it came — try out Gravity Hill. People, not only did I not try it out, I could not figure out where it even was. I feel a tiny bit like a failure as a park reviewer. What is the one thing that Edwin Warner Park has that its showier brother, Percy Warner Park, doesn't have? A hill that, when you put your parked car in neutral, causes it to appear to start slowly rolling uphill.

Why are we hiding Edwin Warner's light under a bushel? Why is that bushel so hard to find?

Anyway, I'm positive most of you are familiar with Edwin Warner Park, so I'm not going to waste time describing the hilly hiking trails. Instead, I'm going to make an argument for the back side of the park.

Just past the dog park, right before the sign that says "Williamson County," you can turn right and go into a part of the park that runs along the Little Harpeth River. It's tucked away behind a hill, and it's full of big open fields and places to picnic and good trails for walking or bike riding.

They're doing some riverbank reclamation, and there's a really informative sign telling you what they're doing and why. Plus in order to keep you from trampling on the reclamation project, they've provided some paths that go right down to the river — which is gorgeous, even this time of year.

We saw plenty of dogs in the dog park, but there were also a ton of leashed dogs with their owners in the park itself. And this gave my dog a lot to sniff at and enjoy. At one point, when we were following about five minutes behind a golden retriever, Sadie was so excited about "following" a scent — I put it in quotes because she somehow completely missed the dog walking by us; hey, she's old, what can you do? — that she was making these snorty noises like a pig. Probably only funny to me, but my god, if there's any chance that your dog will make piggy snorty noises, how can you not take it to this park?

Really, the only slight drawback is that, though they have plenty of bathrooms, almost all of them were closed for the winter. I ended up using a Porta Potty by the dog park that had an ice slick on the floor. I pray it was ice made from water. But it's a Porta Potty, so probably not.

Edwin Warner is a lovely park and definitely worth checking out. I know it's cold as all get out, but one thing about this time of year: The bird watching is incredible. Just walking along the river, I could not believe how many birds we saw.

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