Gov. Haslam's War on Planned Parenthood Hits Memphis



The Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center is ... er, was ... the only place "to provide the only regularly-scheduled, after-hours HIV testing in the Mid-South." In other words, if you couldn't get time off work to go get tested, you could, regardless of your sexual orientation, go to the MGLCC after work.

But you can't anymore, because Gov. Haslam cut off funding to Planned Parenthood and didn't bother to find other ways to fund this crucial health-care service:

Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center (MGLCC) will be unable to offer Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing tonight and for the foreseeable future. For more than three years, MGLCC has collaborated with Planned Parenthood to provide the only regularly-scheduled, after-hours HIV testing in the Mid-South. This afternoon, Planned Parenthood representatives informed MGLCC that they do not have the funds necessary to provide the HIV testing for the foreseeable future because the State of Tennessee has denied Planned Parenthood access to grants for HIV prevention.

Wow, that's really pro-life, there, Governor!

It's bad enough when Stacey Campfield runs to national media outlets to make sure everyone knows how little he thinks of people who are or could potentially become HIV-positive. But, really, it's worse to cut funding for HIV testing in order to score points against Planned Parenthood.

And, honestly, I wonder if that's the point — let Campfield go out and distract people by jumping around in an ape suit, while Haslam quietly does real harm to people who need HIV testing. Let Haslam look like the reasonable Republican — you know, not like Stacey Campfield — while he deals a worse injury to gay people than Campfield ever could.

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