Ignoring Critics, Floyd Repeats Threat Against Transgender People



Rep. Richard Floyd
  • Rep. Richard Floyd
Gov. Bill Haslam seems sympathetic to fears that anti-gay rhetoric and bills in the legislature could lead to more harassment and violence against GLBT people in Tennessee. Asked at a news conference today whether he shares that concern, the governor said:

Obviously, that’s not the environment we want to set in Tennessee. In terms of legislation, I think there’s better things for us to focus on this year.

But Rep. Richard Floyd remains unrepentant. Pith asked Floyd today whether he’d like to take back that threat to “stomp a mudhole” in any transgender person who offended his wife or daughters. Instead, Floyd complained about threatening email and phone calls he said he’s gotten since he made the remark and went on another rant against transgender people.

I’m not anti-anything. I’m just pro-family. They can say anything they want. If they want to talk about violence, I’ll let them read the emails I’ve gotten. I never said anything about violence. I said what I would do personally if my family was involved, and I meant every single word of it. I’ve had a few phone calls with death threats. It is what it is. Do I regret saying it? No, I don’t regret saying it. Would I do it? Yes I would. Or try. It would just be a bad hair day if somebody approached me.

The Family Action Council’s David Fowler, meanwhile, also claims to be under attack since he made his "License to Bully" bill his organization’s No. 1 priority for this session. Fowler's critics apparently are hoping he winds up in a special place in hell.

The unfortunate thing in our culture is that we’re getting to the point where oftentimes we can’t say anything without it becoming uncivil and getting off the merits of the discussion. What’s ironic is that if children are learning from the parents who send me the emails that are very descriptive as to what I should do with myself and where I should spend eternity, if they are emulating their parents then they are probably the bullies.

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