Who's for Drug-Testing Corporate Executives?



Hypocrisy is rampant at the legislature, but here's something that should embarrass even the most odiferous of frauds. Hard-liners led by Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey are demanding to drug-test everyone—that's everyone—who takes any form of government benefits. Mothers on welfare? You bet! Laid-off workers on unemployment? Absolutely! People getting workers' compensation for on-the-job injuries? What a stupid question! Of course!

Corporate executives taking great wads of state government handouts? Er, Ramsey will need to look into that one.

"[Y]ou're right," Ramsey told reporters last week when asked whether he should favor drug-testing of business executives who take state grants. But then he immediately started backpedaling.

"If they're getting state money, federal money—oh I shouldn't—I don't know how you define who the executives are."

What makes this all the more smelly is that Republicans are about to start giving these executives our tax money pretty much for whatever they feel like doing with it. It's part of the governor's agenda for this session. If you need to buy equipment or renovate your headquarters, just apply for a little state cash. And when you do, no worries. The government will keep your secrets, not telling the public even so much as who owns your business.


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