J.R. Lind on 102.5's Sports Revolution This Afternoon at 4



Comrades! The Scene's Fearless Leader of sports reporting, J.R. Lind, will unshackle the iron jockstrap of oppression and join The Sports Revolution with Willy Daunic and Joe Dubin this afternoon on 102.5 The Game. Already our scribe is testing out his angle of approach for the ball-field Bolsheviks:

"In preparation for my appearance, I'm trying to decide which revolution the Sports Revolution refers to. Right now, I've got it down to Prince's back-up band or the 19th century Decembrists Uprising in Russia. Maybe the Cornish Prayer Book Rebellion? In any case, thanks to Joe and Willy for giving me a chance to discuss the first day of England and Pakistan's cricket Test match in Dubai."

Whoa bud, save the A material for the airwaves. This revolution will not be televised, but you can tune in between 4 and 5 p.m. today.

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