'Don't Say Gay' Makes Its First Appearance of the Year



The "Don't Say Gay" bill (HB0229/SB0049) will be discussed in the Tennessee General Assembly's Education Subcommittee on Wednesday. The whole nation will be watching to see if they get to continue to make fun of us for trying to outlaw discussing gay people while trying to protect bullies who go after gay kids for 'religious reasons.'

I've been thinking about the things heterosexual folks do together, and I think it's worth pointing out that your elementary school teacher would be forbidden from saying, "Johnny, when two men love each other very much, sometimes they want to live together and be a family." But your elementary school teacher could totally legally say "Johnny, when a man who likes to dress up like Rhett Butler loves a woman who likes to dress up in a Mickey Mouse costume, sometimes they like to spend special time together spanking each other." Or "Johnny, sometimes a man likes to have special times with two women at the same time." Or "Johnny, sometimes when a man wants to remember the special times he has with a girl who works for him who is not his wife, he'll take pictures of her that her boyfriend will find and use to blackmail him so that he has to quit being a state senator."

Imparting knowledge of all these things is supposed to be less problematic than two dudes or two chicks who love each other? Considering how heterosexual people in this state carry on, maybe we'd be better off with a "Can't Say Straight" bill.

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