Sister Act: Scene Launches Country Life, a New Arts and Culture Blog



Late last night, we launched the Scene's newest blog, Country Life. Its focus will be on arts and culture — all that stuff at "the back of the book," as we call it, including visual art, books, film, theater, TV and so on.

So why another blog?

Pith in the Wind started out as our catch-all, generally-about-everything blog, but eventually found its voice as a place best suited to news and politics, and all the concomitant arguments and countermeasures. Sure, some of us continued to post about artsy stuff — look, an awesome movie! Hey, that painting has an interesting story behind it! — but it felt a little out of place sometimes.

From here on out, we can keep the political shop talk going right here on Pith — where there's unlikely to be a dull moment any time soon — and the artsy posts will live over at Country Life. We hope you'll check it out.

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