Do the Republicans Actually Know Anyone: Part Two of the Tennessee Republican Drinking Game


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You remember the rules — take a drink every time the Republicans bring up someone they won't name to prove their point.

This time, Gov. Haslam could name 20 people who are living in Florida to avoid Tennessee's estate tax. He could name them, but he won't.

Check out Chas Sisk's liveblog:

10:20 a.m. Turning to taxes. Haslam wants to eventually raise exemption to estate tax to $5 million, the federal limit.

Says he can name 20 Nashvillians who only live here a certain number of days to avoid estate taxes. Says they are prominent people we would all know. [He hasn't said who they are, though.]


10:35 a.m. Asked to name some people who are leaving the state to avoid estate taxes. Haslam won’t do it but says logically it makes sense. “If you’re 65, at some point you have the rational person theory.”

Listen, folks, if there are 20 Nashvillians over 65 who spend more time in Florida than they do in Tennessee specifically to avoid the estate tax, should they die — if they're willing to sit in Florida and miss their grandkids' piano recitals and school plays and ball games just to make sure the state doesn't get their money when they're dead — I say let them sit in Florida. That's their loss.

People who can afford to and have the time to spend over half of their time in Florida are, by definition, retired. So, we're not "losing" job creators. Instead, we've got a bunch of petulant, childish retirees who are willing to miss out on the important moments in their kids' and grandkids' lives because they're under the mistaken belief that money matters more than quality time with their families.

Gov. Haslam, that's a matter for family therapy, not for the state to fix. I mean, I'm sorry you know these rich assholes, but I don't think you're going to be able to bribe them to come home and do right by their families.

It's kind of sweet of you to want to try, though.


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