Ketron Prays Over Whether to Tomahawk DesJarlais



State Sen. Bill Ketron
  • State Sen. Bill Ketron
In an unintentionally hilarious interview with the Murfreesboro newspaper, state Sen. Bill Ketron pretends the redrawn Fourth Congressional District came as a big surprise and dropped him like a rock to his knees in prayer over whether to run against freshman Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais (not the mustard) this year. Yes, God works in mysterious ways.

That's so funny. Everyone knows Ketron, as a key member of the state Senate's redistricting committee, demanded the Fourth include his house in Murfreesboro just so he could run for Congress against DesJarlais, the Tea Party wacko who was swept into the office two years ago in the anti-Obama tidal wave.

Ketron does acknowledge that he pretty much always wanted go to Washington as a servant of the people. Did you know he was an Eagle Scout? In the last session, you'll recall, Ketron tried to set himself up to win a GOP congressional primary. He positioned himself as even crazier than DesJarlais by introducing legislation to outlaw Islam and to establish a Tennessee monetary system in case of calamity.

DesJarlais is preparing for battle. He has $436,000 in cash on hand after raising $154,127 for the fourth quarter, and he's already airing radio ads. The Koch brothers have given to his cause.


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