Today in Things You Would Find Implausible if It Wasn't Real Life: Court Finds Black Church Owns Klan Shop



The Rev. Kennedy in front of his property
  • The Rev. Kennedy in front of his property
Thanks to Southern Beale, I have been laughing for hours over this story of a black church in Laurens, S.C., which is now the legally recognized owner of the building that houses the Redneck Shop, where you can pick up all your fine Ku Klux Klan duds.

And how did they come to own this building? Oh, people, that you have to read to believe:

Ownership of the building was transferred in 1997 to the Rev. David Kennedy and his church, New Beginnings, by a Klansman fighting with others inside the hate group, according to court records. That man, according to Kennedy, was feuding with store proprietor John Howard over a woman and "developed a spiritual relationship" with Kennedy's church, the judge wrote.

Yes, a fight over a woman.

The Rev. Kennedy isn't sure what his congregation is going to do with the building. For obvious reasons, his congregation is a little weirded out about meeting in a building that used to house a segregated theater and is now home to a Klan tourist attraction, but it sounds like he hasn't ruled out using the building as a meeting place. He says, "I think that the church would do good in that building."

Well, sure. Why not? As Billy Sunday says, the Devil's had it long enough.

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