GOP Embarrasses Tennessee Again: 'License to Bully' Bill Goes Viral



Nashville's annual Invasion of the Hillbillies still is five days away, but already our wacky legislature is the object of ridicule in the media. The Internet is buzzing over the latest production of David Fowler and the Christian Right—namely, the bill to stop the persecution of evangelical child bigots. Wonkette points out Tennessee Republicans are all shook up over homosexuality.

So remember when the Tennessee state Senate passed a bill last year making it illegal for teachers to so much as acknowledge the existence of gay people within earshot of their young students? To hillbilly homo-foobs this is known as “savin’ tha childrunz,” but in fancy legal terminology this is known as “censorship.” (And in plain English, “stupid.”) Sanity miraculously won out, and that bill ultimately did not become law. TACTICAL SHIFT NEEDED. How about, instead, a bill to fight censorship? Not to protect gay students or anything, SHEESH, no one picks on them in schools. No, the proposed law will protect the rights of the real victims, the students who want to call gays mean names for “religious” reasons.

More headlines: 'Don't Say Gay' — But 'Sodomite,' 'Pervert' Are Fine ... Homophobes in Tennessee pushing for bullying rights ... Bullying on religious grounds? ... and LGBTs, Christians and Jews to be persecuted in Tennessee? That last story draws the logical conclusion that if kids can bully gay students based on their “religious, philosophical, or political beliefs,” as Fowler's bill says, then kids can bully students who are Christian, Jewish or black, too.

Thus, if a Christian was bullying a Jewish person, calling them a “Christ killer” and a “worthless heathen who is going to hell,” that is completely acceptable, because it is based in religion.

Conversely, Christians can also be bullied by their peers for believing in the “fairy tails” of Christianity, such as the virgin birth and the resurrection. Even African-Americans can be bullied, for the bully could claim that their distaste for African-Americans is based upon the curse of Ham contained in the book of Genesis.

For irony, check out Andy Sher's story in which Fowler denies any ill intent: "I can't think of anyone who holds to true Christianity that finds it appropriate to slur people and justifiy it as consistent with their Christianity," he says. Oh really? What about that video last year in which Fowler's F.A.C.T. slurred gay men as stalking pedophiles?


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