Can It Really Be the Nashville Tea Party If It's Headquartered in Gallatin?



Earlier in the week, Joey Garrison reported on Ben Cunningham's formation of a new "Nashville" Tea Party. I say "Nashville" because, as Jamie Hollin points out, the non-profit has its principal office in Gallatin.

Shoot, if you can be in Gallatin and call yourself the Nashville Anything, I'm going to stop telling people I live in Whites Creek and start telling them I live on the south side of Clarksville. When I feel like I need to increase my street cred, I'll just say I live on the south side of Chicago. No need to point out how far south.

Well, hell, you know, this probably isn't Ben Cunningham's fault. You know how real estate agents are always switching up the names of places. It isn't "The Nations" anymore: it's "Historic West Town." "Cat Town Hill" is now the more marketable "Sylvan Heights." For all we know, he could have been told he was putting his office in scenic "Nashville North" only to discover too late that it was Gallatin.

I suppose we could ask the government to step up and regulate accuracy in neighborhood names ... Oh, wait. No, the "Nashville" Tea Party probably wouldn't go for that.

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