If Only the Titans Had Heeded J.R. Lind



Jake Locker
  • Jake Locker
We're sure that before their weekly meetings, the Titans' coaches pick up the Scene to see what advice our resident sportsologist J.R. Lind has to offer. Not.

But maybe they should have. Here's an excerpt from Lind's Dec. 15 story about the upcoming Titans game, and whether they should start Matt Hasselbeck:

Teams make their own luck, of course, just as coaches make their own reputations. Munchak has said Hasselbeck will keep the starting job as long as he's healthy — though he left his definition of "healthy" as broad as he could. If Hasselbeck is truly 100 percent, he should start, but playing a three-quarters-injury-free veteran over a promising rookie is a Fisher move — so what's Munchak got to lose by playing Locker down the stretch?

He'll shake off any remaining concerns he's just a clean-shaven Fisher. The Titans should beat the Colts and Jags no matter who's quarterbacking — even the guy in Section 321, Row L, Seat 17 or, perhaps, Rusty Smith — and the Texans are beatable if they allow themselves to be.

Locker is the future here. Let's see it now.

We know Lind wasn't alone in those sentiments. And there's no saying the Titans would have won if Locker had started. Furthermore, weak efforts by Chris Johnson and several other Titans certainly contributed to the loss.

Still, Hasselbeck finished with a 60.7 rating, Locker with 108.3. And there's no doubt Hasselbeck was far from 100 percent health-wise.

Of course hindsight is 20-20. But I'm thinking Munchak's foresight might need corrective lenses.

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