Knoxville News-Sentinel Lays Off 33 Employees



Sad news today from Knoxville, where the daily News-Sentinel announced it has laid off 33 employees.

The KNS Media group, which includes the News Sentinel, today eliminated the positions of 33 employees, a reduction in force reflecting the economic challenges the newspaper industry has been facing.

The layoffs represented about 7.5 percent of the organization's workforce and included four newsroom employees. In most cases, they were effective immediately.

"The decision to eliminate positions was not an easy one," said Patrick Birmingham, president and publisher of the News Sentinel. "We looked long and hard at many options and did everything we could to preserve as many jobs as possible.

"Unfortunately, right now there is an economic reality facing the newspaper business, and that reality forces us to make tough decisions at times like these."

On Dec. 6, the phrase "times like these" really rings out, doesn't it?

In a tweet, The Tennessean's Jennifer Brooks said, "Word is four gone in the newsroom," and linked to this post at KnoxViews, which posits that blogger Michael Silence was among those let go.

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