Haslam Administration Reveled in Occupy Nashville Crackdown: 'Fun Time Has Started'



In the latest batch of internal emails pried out of the Haslam administration by the media, we have learned that certain of the governor's underlings seemingly delighted in cracking down on Occupy Nashville. After announcing the 10 p.m.-to-6 a.m. curfew at Legislative Plaza, Thaddeus E. Watkins — attorney for the state Department of General Services — sent an email to the state attorney general's office.

"Fun time has started," Watkins wrote.

Yes, the laughter is killing us! Jailing idealistic young demonstrators and trampling on free-speech rights — it doesn't get any more hilarious than that. Fun times!

Also according to the newly released documents, General Services billed protesters $1,045 for security the night before the troopers swept in to roust the encampment. That's a good one. Another General Services official joked about punching protesters. At least we think he was joking. From today's story by the AP's Travis Loller:

After the curfew policy was made public, two facility administrators with General Services exchanged emails about distributing copies of the policy to protesters on the plaza. Don Johnson asked how he could help.

"We should be able to handle it, unless you want to come for moral support!" David Carpenter responds.

"I'll get in trouble and punch one in the head," is the reply from Johnson.

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