Corker Slapped as Hypocrite, Booed and Heckled at GM Announcement



Democrats are giving Sen. Bob Corker grief for having the audacity to even appear at yesterday's big GM announcement at Spring Hill. There Corker was, cheering right along with everyone else even though he fought the automaker's rescue package in Congress.

In a fundraising email, state Democratic Party chairman Chip Forrester ridicules Corker for going to Spring Hill and tosses in Gov. Bill Haslam and Congressman Scott DesJarlais for good measure. President Obama and Democrats in Congress are responsible for the loan to the auto industry, Forrester says.

So who was on hand Monday to soak up credit for the Democratic jobs bump? Republicans.

Sen. Bob Corker, who fought tooth and nail to derail the automaker rescue package, Governor Bill Haslam, whose good friend Mitt Romney would have allowed Spring Hill's plant to shut down forever, and Rep. Scott DesJarlais, who has led the assault on Medicare and common sense investments that create jobs and opportunity for the middle class.

Can you believe these guys?! Taking credit for successful Democratic initiatives — that they clearly oppose — is the worst kind of political posturing.

It's upsetting that some politicians said Spring Hill auto workers weren't worth the time and fixing the American auto industry wasn't worth the money. If politicians like Sen. Corker, Rep. DesJarlais and Gov. Haslam had been in charge, there would be no American auto industry and Spring Hill would be a ghost town.

Autoworkers booed and heckled Corker in Spring Hill. According to the AP, retired autoworker Don Lockhart confronted Corker after the ceremony about the senator's stance on organized labor. "You don't know what you're talking about," Corker told him.


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