Bluto's Revenge: SAE Alums Trash Vandy Frat House



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As reported on Deadspin, it looks like Sigma Alpha Epsilon alums had a bit too much fun when they visited their old Vandy frat house on Homecoming weekend (Oct. 20-22). Like, over $12,000 too much fun. Either that, or they were surreptitiously filming an Animal House sequel.

Apparently, the drunken debauchery and destruction came to light after an email was sent out to the alumni listserv. Here are a few of the activities in which these grown men partook, from the InsideVandy account:

Current Chapter President Peyton Davis sent an email to “concerned alumni” detailing the damage to the 101-year-old house and asking former brothers to end the destructive tradition.

The damage included 17 broken windows, five broken door frames and locks, two broken ceiling fans and two discharged fire extinguishers, with “slurs and graphic pictures drawn into the chemicals” and more, according to the email sent to alumni. Much of the Officers’ furniture was broken or thrown out of windows, and smashed glass from champagne bottles and handles of liquor covered one of the bedrooms.

Of course, we're saving the best for last:
According to Davis’ email, an alumni had to be stopped from defecating in the rush chair’s refrigerator with a roomful of his contemporaries.

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