Turner Claims Republicans Having Second Thoughts on Photo ID


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On MSNBC, Rep. Mike Turner tells Al Sharpton some Republicans are having second thoughts about the photo ID voter law. He should know. As Republicans keep reminding us, Turner embraced the law this year during the committee debate. Now, he wants to repeal it. "Now, if you’re not willing to go get a free ID, then maybe, you know, you shouldn’t deserve to vote," Turner said when he was for the law. Ouch! In his latest, state GOP chairman Chris Devaney accuses Turner of trying to scare senior citizens.

Mike Turner has taken his blatant flip-flop to the liberal airwaves of MSNBC. I guess he figured he would get a pass from Al Sharpton, and allowed to read his Democrat talking points that only further scare senior citizens about this law and not inform them.


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