Tennesseans Scratch Heads in New MTSU Poll



The just-released fall MTSU poll revealed President Obama is about as popular in Tennessee as Pol Pot, as well as many other things we already knew. Among them: Ordinary people don't know much about the new photo ID voter law, and Republicans are blowing smoke when they claim nearly everyone is for it.

The overarching theme of the poll (and just about every other political survey of Tennesseans) is that not that many people care to think about state government at all.

Only 51 percent of Tennesseans approve of the job Bill Haslam is doing as governor. A bare majority thinks he's doing a good job—that would be terrible news for Haslam, except for the fact that only 16 percent disapprove. Everybody else can't be bothered. They don’t know or would rather not answer the question.

As for the legislature, Tennesseans are almost evenly divided into three groups that approve (39 percent), disapprove (30 percent), and don’t know whether they approve or disapprove (32 percent).


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