Loopy Militia Dude Fights for Freedom in Federal Trial



Darren Wesley Huff
  • Darren Wesley Huff
Lawyers for unhinged militia kook Darren Wesley Huff are offering an interesting defense this week in his federal trial for plotting to lay armed siege to an entire Tennessee town: True, he's a complete nutjob and a loudmouth to boot—but hey, it was all in good fun!

"Is it right to lock up one of our citizens because he doesn't think like we do?" defense lawyer Scott Green asked the jury in opening arguments.

Huff is charged with carrying a firearm across state lines and scheming to use it in a civil disorder—to wit, the takeover of Madisonville. With a gun on his hip and an AK-47 in his toolbox, he was stopped in Sweetwater. Police didn't have any trouble identifying his vehicle. His black pickup truck was emblazoned with the logo of his militia—the Oath Keepers. Huff apparently participates in paramilitary exercises when he's not attending Republican presidential debates.

Huff was outraged by the arrest in Madisonville of fellow nutjob and Obama birther Walter Fitzpatrick, who had been jailed for trying to effect the "citizen's arrests" of the county's grand jury foreman and others for refusing to indict the president as illegitimate. The Oath Keepers posted this video of it all:

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