Forrester Puts Onus on Harwell: Make Todd Quit or Explain Why Not



Harwell on the hot seat
  • Harwell on the hot seat
Democratic Party chairman Chip Forrester has just put out a press release giving House Speaker Beth Harwell an ultimatum: Tell Rep. Curry Todd to resign his office or explain why she condones his "unacceptable behavior." Forrester probably will have to wait for his response. We imagine the speaker still is on that airplane to Montana and probably refusing to deboard.

"Based on news reports, Rep. Curry Todd's actions are embarrassing to himself and the state of Tennessee. House Speaker Beth Harwell would do the entire a state a great service by asking Todd to resign or explain why she condones this unacceptable behavior from Republican leadership. It's discouraging to hear Republican Leader Gerald McCormick quickly dismiss Rep. Todd's poor judgment, saying he hopes Rep. Todd will retain his committee chairmanship. It's now up to Speaker Harwell. Either she believes Republican leaders deserve special treatment or she believes these actions demand consequences. Rep. Todd's judgment is no longer the question, Speaker Harwell's, however, is."

While the Democrats were at it, they sent along this handy link to the video clip of Todd agreeing at a Judiciary Committee meeting last year that handgun permit holders should lose their licenses for life for doing what he's just been arrested for doing.

Rep. Barrett Rich: "OK, that's just a pressing question I had and just wanted to make sure that is clear. If you get caught doing something with a handgun permit that you shouldn't be doing, it's my personal feeling you shouldn't have a permit anymore.

Todd: "It's my personal feeling that you shouldn't have it forever, you should just be disbanded from carrying forever if your doing it."

Rich: "Yes, sir, I agree."

Todd: "I have always said that."

[House Judiciary Committee, 3/10/10, Clip after 29 minute mark]


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