Dem Chairman Demands 'Severe Consequences' for Rep. Curry Todd



State Democratic Party chairman Chip Forrester says Republican Rep. Curry Todd's arrest "proves the point that Democratic legislators have consistently made—guns and alcohol don't mix."

Asked whether House Speaker Beth Harwell should remove Todd as chairman of the State and Local Government Committee, Forrester said:

"I don't want to get in the middle of internal Republican decision-making, but you would hope that there would be severe consequences for an egregious action like last night. Just be mindful, it was not just a DUI, it was a weapons violation."

On the possibility that Todd was drinking in a bar with his gun last night, Forrester said: "That would be an interesting question to ask him. If he demonstrated poor enough judgment to be drinking and carrying a weapon, it's possible that he carried that gun into an establishment."


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