Occupy Nashville Taking It To The Streets Thursday



Despite entering its third week, the ongoing Wall Street protests aren't really understood by the American public at-large. A little weird, don't you think, that in an age of focus groups, Google analytics and data mining, not one poll has been conducted regarding the burgeoning groundswell of anger and solidarity coalescing in Manhattan?

Depending on where you get your news, "Occupy Wall Street" could be either a) the beginnings of a mass, democratic popular uprising devoid of corporate adulteration aimed at overthrowing corrupt bourgeoisie plutocrats via peaceful protest, potentially fostering an era of socioeconomic egalitarianism; b) an excuse for poorly named New York City cops to shore up their Macing quotas; c) an excuse for unemployed hippies to play hacky sack and get Maced by New York City cops; or d) nothing at all to see, really, just some anarchists milling about, move alon — did you say Zoolander 2 is being made?!

Whether you're complacent, curious or mad and hell and not going to take it anymore but can't make it to the Empire State, fret not: The first action planned by "Occupy Nashville" is set to occur noon Thursday upon the very public grounds of Legislative Plaza.

From the group's Facebook page:

We are the 99% is the first action of Occupy Nashville. We will be protesting in solidarity with other occupations around the world. Please come out and join us.

We had our first General Assembly on Oct 2nd. We decided to meet at the Legislative Plaza at noon on Oct 6. This event is a protest, and there was no decision made on occupying this space.

We will be holding another General Assembly in the future, so keep a look out for those updates.

The group — which is tech-savvy enough to have both a website and a Twitter handle — has warned any would-be occupiers about camping out overnight:

Thursday will not be the beginning of the Nashville occupation. There have been several people under the false impression that we will be camping out beginning Thursday. While we can't prevent anyone from illegally camping, this wasn't passed at GA, and it is recommended that you don't. You will definitely be arrested. There is no permit, it's unauthorized property, and OWS will not benefit from you going to jail for no good reason. Occupation planning will be addressed at the next GA. Thanks again, and spread the word.

Don't get arrested, but do bring sandwiches. George likes sandwiches.

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