Larry Crim Publishes Larry Crim Newspaper



In the course of your regular gallivanting about town, perhaps you have noticed this fine publication occupying the wire racks in your friendly neighborhood gas station:

Crim de la Crim.
  • Crim de la Crim.

While we would ordinarily be loath to criticize a rag like The Nashvillian on the same grounds that one does not honorably steal candy from babies, The Nashvillian is no ordinary rag, and babies don't need the extra sugar anyway.

A quick perusal of its eight-page September 2011 edition reveals that half of them are all about Larry Crim, a failed conservative Democratic candidate for the Tennessee legislature who now seeks his party's nomination to run against incumbent Republican Bob Corker in the 2012 U.S. Senate race — in order to take his country back from ... well, we'll get back to you on that one.

To this end, Crim has enlisted the help of The Nashvillian, which, as it turns out, he conveniently owns.

Here's another picture of Larry Crim's newspaper giving Larry Crim extensive coverage:


And another:


And yet another:


However, that last photo is of a campaign advertisement "paid for by Friends of Larry Crim, A.A. Crim, Treasurer" (presumably his wife, Annette Crim) that offers commentary on an adjacent advertisement for Cartridge World on page five.

It's quite the ouroboros: Larry Crim the candidate is promoted by Larry Crim the publisher who also accepts ads from the Larry Crim the candidate under discretion of Larry Crim the husband which enables Larry Crim the publisher who promotes Larry Crim the candidate who ... you get the idea.

But wait! There's more! Crim maintains two campaign websites, one of which has been re-purposed from his old state senate campaign website for use in his U.S. senate campaign without even bothering to change the URL.

Perhaps he could hire Larry Crim the webmaster?

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