Jackie Collins! Dillard's! This Saturday!



Not Pictured: Weakness
  • Not Pictured: Weakness
I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to call Dillard’s and confirm what date Jackie Collins is making an appearance, but here we are. Oh, yeah: Dillard’s, your great-aunt’s favorite store, will host Jackie Collins, your great-aunt’s favorite author, this Saturday, Sept. 17. The very wealthy lady will sign copies of her new book, Goddess of Vengeance, which I assume is a rather dry and scholarly tome about the role of Nemesis in ancient Greek and Roman culture.

Collins is also hosting a presentation on fashion trends. But if I were she, I would walk right out of there if I spied a model holding a Dooney and Bourke purse or wearing jeans that have been ass-bedazzled. The tyranny must end, and I call on Jackie Collins to set an example for great-aunts everywhere.

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