On Eve of New Climate Presentation, Gore Relishes Republican Rancor



Reuse, recycle and run for your life.
  • Reuse, recycle and run for your life.

Al Gore just told NPR's Talk of the Nation that he's a masochist.

"There's a long tradition of people who don't like a particular message turning to attack the person delivering the message ... I view it as an honor, really," to be the target of Republican jabs on the issue of climate change.

For cereal, the sometimes-Tennessean former Vice President has suffered his share of slings and arrows for his evolution into the much-maligned face of mainstream climate change proselytizing. But instead of pulling a Woody Allen and letting someone else play the role of messenger, Gore is launching a new worldwide global warming presentation beginning tonight at 7 p.m., Central Time, called The Return of ManBearPig: The Reckoning The Climate Reality Project.

Unsurprisingly, the fossil fuel industry/Koch brothers-funded "think tank" The Heartland Institute plans to counter Gore's latest project with a heaping pile of climate denial bullpucky.

From a press release:

Gore will show a new multimedia presentation attempting to “connect the dots between recent weather events” and man-caused global warming. He has promised that 95 percent of the slides are new and different from those he showed in his Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth — which is a good thing, considering that film has since been exposed as fraudulent in many respects.

But the truth is, Gore can’t handle the reality that thousands of reputable scientists across the globe have rejected his dogmatic view of climate catastrophe. Those scientists have done the kind of hard scientific work that The Heartland Institute has presented in six conferences, dozens of papers and books, podcasts, videos, and in Environment & Climate News.

Whether you reject the overwhelming data supporting anthropomorphic global warming and its near-unanimous consensus by the international scientific community or not, what do you, the unwashed masses, think? Does Gore's reputation itself proceed to nullify his point? Or have segments of a brainwashed electorate already made up their barely functioning minds?

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