Pith's Betsy Phillips Published in Apex Magazine



Dont get in the truck. You were warned.
  • Don't get in the truck. You were warned.
Our little Betsy done all grow'd up now! We're so proud, we're beaming.

You see, Betsy had one of her short stories, "Frank," featured in the online publication Apex Magazine, one of the top fantasy/horror literature magazines around. It's quite an honor to say the least.

Furthermore, the magazine also posted an interview with Betsy.

But be warned, Pith readers: Though you may have come to know Betsy through her park reviews, her thoughtful responses to anti-Muslim extremists or her observations on the absurdity of our elected officials ... well, let's just say, there's another side of Betsy. A very twisted, macabre, sinister side.

Let's just put it this way. If she ever asks you to teach her how to drive a manual-transmission pickup truck, you might think twice.

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