Pick of the Day: Call It Anything w/Quiet Entertainer, Get Got and Remsteele at Exit/In



Call It Anything, Quiet Entertainer, Get Got and Remsteele
When: 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 30
Where: Exit/In

Sometimes you just need a soundtrack to your life that’s as weird as the universe around you, as nebulous and beautiful as some far-flung galaxy, something as raw and organic as the ground you walk on. Sometimes you need to get away from the stale formalism and constant careerism that defines so much of the music in this town and dive deep into the outer limits of aural possibilities. Sometimes you gotta Call It Anything.

The local psychedelic-dub-jazz ensemble doesn’t get a lot of attention in these parts — who knew that the Country Music Capital of the World wouldn’t have a huge psychedelic-dub-jazz scene? — but we’re fixing to change that. With gorgeous atmospherics, downright burly percussion, and the sort of deep grooves that can catapult you to the other end of the solar system, Call It Anything is blazing a bold new trail for Music City. Quiet Entertainer, Get Got and Remsteele also appear.

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