The Sounds Turn Incredible Off-the-Head Triple Play in Omaha



This weekend in Omaha, somewhere in Middle America, our very own Nashville Sounds turned one of the stupidest-looking triple plays I have ever seen. As Yahoo's Big League Stew reports, with runners on first and second and nobody out, center fielder Logan Schafer got fooled by a well-struck ball that seemed destined to sail over his head.

Running with his back to home plate, Schafer managed to get enough leather on the ball to bloop it back into the air, off his head and back into his glove. By the time the two runners who had been streaking around the horn finished rubbing their eyes, they were outs two and three.

This video is amazing for a couple of reasons: 1) You can hear the air go out of the stadium as the Royals' fans go from elation to bemusement; 2) There's actually video of the bottom of the third inning of a minor-league game in Omaha that you and I can watch.

Big doff of the cap to J.R. "Ancien Régime" Lind for the tip.

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