Al Gore Says 'Bullshit' and The Tennessean Considers This News



Al Gore calls b--shit on climate change deniers
  • Al Gore calls b—shit on climate change deniers
Allow me, for a moment, to play Internet Voice of Reason about The Tennessean mistaking Al Gore's cussing for news. (Man, how cool would it be if Internet Voice of Reason were my heretofore unknown superpower?)

It is not actually news that people sometimes use naughty words. it isn't even news that Al Gore sometimes uses naughty words. Yes, it's somewhat hilarious that the story itself doesn't actually print "bullshit" but instead "bull—-," yet I can listen to him shout "Bullshit" and read the word "bullshit" under the sound file if I just keep going down the page. Is there some strange magic that happens as I scroll down? Like, halfway through the story, my sensibilities are too delicate to read the word "shit," but by the end, I've been hardened and jaded enough by the story that I can both see and hear it?

But most importantly, if people on the Internet are clutching their pearls over "bullshit," it shouldn't be beyond the scope of the reporter's task to point out how laughably disingenuous this is. People, the Internet brought you "2 Girls 1 Cup"! Anyone who would get on the very medium that brings you people literally eating poop and complains that a politician says the word "shit" is just being an ass.

It's just bullshit, and everybody knows it. Why can't we just say so?

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