ArtScene: Japan Addendum Feat. Tony Youngblood's "Forecasting"



Burnt cars from Japan quake
  • Burnt cars from Japan quake

The Japan 日本 exhibit at gallery f. is so wide-ranging that condensing it all into an 800-word review meant that I had to cut a lot of really good stuff out. One of the most compelling and unusual aspects of the exhibit was an audio performance by Tony Youngblood called "Forecasting."

At the exhibition opening on June 11, Youngblood performed this piece, which brought another layer of creativity into an exhibit already stuffed full with photography, video art, paper art and works on canvas. It was an incredible event, and Youngblood — joined by cellist Rhendi Greenwell and harpist Virgile Ganne — created the unique and spontaneous piece that encompassed ambient sound, news bites, pop cultural and field recordings mixed together in what sounded like the global collective unconscious in the wake of the tsunami.

From Youngblood's artist's statement:

The depth of the devastation wrought by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan hadn’t truly reached me until I began culling sound bites for this performance. Instead of a nation in crisis, here was one man crying in his apartment as bookcases fell around him, one American college student in Japan video-blogging about the scores of American-friendly “junk food” remaining on the shelves after the other food was picked clean, or one devastated soy sauce business owner who faced a 5-year re-fermentation period before his product could be sold again.

Japan 日本 is on view at gallery F. through Aug. 21.

After the jump, watch "Infinity," a video by Mai Yamashita and Naoto Kobayashi that is featured in the exhibit.

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