Documentary About Chely Wright's Coming Out Plays Los Angeles' Outfest


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Chely Wright
  • Chely Wright
The Los Angeles Times has a story about the L.A. premiere of the documentary Wish Me Away, which chronicles country singer Chely Wright's decision to come out as a lesbian last year. A capacity audience turned out for the screening, including comedian/actress/gay icon Lily Tomlin.
Starting with one of many startlingly honest and intense entries in a video diary kept by Wright (and not shared with the filmmakers until they were a year into the project), "Wish Me Away" is a lovely, raw and riveting document of a woman driven since childhood to be a star in an arena, mainstream Nashville, that probably never would have embraced her if its denizens had known she was gay.

Mainstream Nashville wouldn't have embraced her? Come on now — I'm sure that beacon of gay rights Bill Haslam and his cronies in the legislature will roll out the pink carpet when it plays Nashville!

The article's author, Steve Pond, has nothing but praise for the film:

Overall, this is an open-hearted, funny and inspiring chronicle of one woman's struggle with intolerance and doubt, of her journey from a state of near-suicidal self-loathing to a triumphant admission that nonetheless had the potential to destroy Wright's career. (The jury's still out on whether it will do that.)

At Outfest, Wish Me Away was clearly preaching to the converted, and the predominantly female audience appeared to be deeply touched and inspired by Wright's journey.

But that's not to say that the film can't touch a broader audience: This straight male may not have found any direct parallels in his own life, but I found the film by turns affecting, infuriating, hilarious and profoundly moving.


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