ACT! for America Accuses Tennessean of 'Yellow Journalism'



ACT! for America responded today to Bob Smietana's story in Sunday's Tennessean about the anti-Islam group's growing popularity here in Nashville, home to the largest ACT! chapter. Er, maybe I should restate that description: the anti-radical Islam group. Or maybe radical anti-Islam group would be more accurate.

For those keeping score at home, the gist of the debate is this: ACT! claims it is not against all Muslims, just radical Muslims. ACT! detractors say that the organization's concept of "radical" casts a ridiculously wide net.

And is it just me, or do reactionary websites seem to love large, boldface fonts? Is it that their readers tend to be older white guys, so it's easier for them to read? Is it the visual equivalent of the Bill O'Reilly shouting? Thoughts?

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