Granbery Park: A Review



When was the last time you saw one of these?
  • When was the last time you saw one of these?
In Short:

Location: On Hill Road in that part of Nashville that pretends to be Brentwood
Size of Park: Medium
Crowds: Lots of tennis players
Approximate Age of Patrons: 30s & 40s
Topics of Conversation: "Your dog is so well-behaved." "Wait? This dog, right here?"
Stray Dogs Seen: None
Types of Vehicles in Parking Lots: All kinds
Perceived Safety: High
Number of Gunshots Heard: None
Dog Friendliness: Good
Number of pitbulls sighted: Just mine
Accessibility: Fine
Incorporation of Local History: None
Recommended Patrons: Playground equipment enthusiasts and tree lovers

Some stuff needs fixing.
  • Some stuff needs fixing.
Well, I'll say this for Granbery Park. It ruined my hypothesis that parks in poor neighborhoods get shitty baseball equipment while parks in nice neighborhoods do not. Because Granbery Park is in a beautiful neighborhood and the park itself is lovely — and yet the backstop is falling apart and the dugout benches are so wavy they'll make you seasick if you look at them for too long. I seriously wonder how kids can sit on them when they're wet without sliding off.

I'm starting to suspect someone at the Parks department just hates baseball and orders park employees to neglect as many diamonds as possible.

But as for your visit to the park? All this means is that you should leave your bat and glove at home. Otherwise, this is a fine park.

They have a lot of playground equipment and a lot of it looks very new. They have these blue things that come up out of the ground about a foot, and if you've ever played "Don't touch the lava" as a kid — leaping from pillow to couch to pillow to avoid touching the floor — you'll know what these blue platforms are for. They also have some new fitness equipment, which I guess is like playground equipment for grown-ups.

But they also have something I hadn't seen since I was a kid — one of those metal domes you can climb all over. I remember them most frequently being supported by triangles, but Granbery Park has one of the rarer "two ladders cross over each other" domes. And it looked to be in great shape!

Granbery also has some of the most enormous trees I've seen at a Nashville park, with big gnarled roots. I think it would have taken three or four people to reach around the trunks of most of them.

There's a lovely little picnic pavilion with mossy wooden shingles and plenty of garbage cans and benches for resting. There's good greenspace for just free-form play and the tennis courts appear to be very well-used.

This is a very nice park.

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