Looking Back on 'City of Immigrants' Issue 10 Years Later



  • My paper copy of the July 5, 2001 Nashville Scene

Ten years ago, the July 5, 2001 issue of the Nashville Scene was emblazoned with the all-caps text, "NATION OF IMMIGRANTS, CITY OF IMMIGRANTS."

It was a fitting way to celebrate Independence Day, and it's interesting to take a look back at that issue. Pedro Garcia was just coming to town as Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools (the Scene joked that he picked Nashville because "with a name like Garcia, it’ll be especially easy to get a new Tennessee driver’s license"), and the late Tennessean columnist Tim Chavez was being admonished by Henry Walker for an appearance at a GOP function.

I've posted some excerpts and thoughts about the issue over at HispanicNashville.com

Happy Independence Day.

John Lamb is the editor of HispanicNashville.com

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