Governor Haslam Is Not That Concerned About Women's Health



Hopefully hes a liar, because the alternative is that hes just dumb as dirt.
  • Hopefully he's a liar, because the alternative is that he's just dumb as dirt.
I admit, I envy Bill Haslam's magical ability to be elected the governor of Tennessee, and yet somehow remain completely unaffected by anything happening in Tennessee. If I were governor of Tennessee, I would throw up every day from the stress of being responsible for so many people. But it's as if Haslam lives in a protective bubble where everyone is safe and secure and gets all their needs magically met. Or, hell, I don't know, maybe John Conlee gave Haslam his rose-colored glasses at the Inauguration?

But whatever it is — protective bubble, rose-colored glasses, lots of Tennessee moonshine — I want in on it.

Because out here in the real world? Things are painfully stupid, and our governor seems completely unfazed by the state's troubles. Rachel Walden at Women's Health News has the story about how Haslam acted like he didn't know that cutting funding to Planned Parenthood would cut health services to women. (Jesus Christ, we're not even six whole months into his tenure and I'm already praying that the governor is a liar — because the alternative is that he's honestly too stupid for the job he has.) She also writes about how inadequate his response is when told what will happen. She says, " 'Nobody’s told me that' is a brush-off, one that doesn’t commit Haslam to any future worrying about or follow-up on this issue."

She also has some good analysis of how it seems as if Metro Health director Bill Paul is hoping someone *coughPlannedParenthoodcough* will be able to provide health care for the extra women Metro will struggle to serve now that they're taking the money that used to go to Planned Parenthood. Yes, go ahead and read that again. It says just what you think it says. It's like a circle of stupidity.

And yet Haslam apparently can't be bothered to waste his beautiful mind on making sure his vendetta against Planned Parenthood isn't dependent on Planned Parenthood stepping up to make sure women aren't hurt by it. Maybe I expect too much, but I'd hope Haslam would get that, when you're at war with someone, as he is at war with Planned Parenthood, you don't route them off a hill and then abandon the hill and hope they retake it so that at least someone with guns is covering that ground.

Please, Gov. Haslam, please. Be evil. Be effectively evil. Because this ditzy act? Like we're being governed by a guy who every day wakes up surprised to find he's governor and actually has to think things through? I find that scarier than I would to learn you're evil.

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