Let's Play King for a Day



If I have my way, this may soon be our citys flag.
  • If I have my way, this may soon be our city's flag.
If I were the King of Nashville for a Day, here are the changes I would make to Nashville, like it or not.

1. All of the industrial stuff between the river and I-40 out to Briley Parkway would be ripped out, and in its place would go a walkable neighborhood that took advantage of the views of the river. People could walk up to Lebanon Pike and grab a bus and go to work. It's nuts to me that space so convenient to downtown, with such a view of the river, is industrial.

2. Speaking of buses, I'd have more routes. Routes that go downtown are fine, but people don't just work and shop downtown. Right now, the bus routes are mostly like deformed petals of a flower situated downtown. But to folks in my neck of the woods, it seems reasonable that someone who lived on Trinity Lane might want to go to the Bordeaux Kroger to shop. It'd be nice if bus routes matched the needs of the neighborhoods instead of being so focused on bringing people downtown. But, by god, if you're going to bring people downtown, at least run late enough at night that I can have a good time and take the bus home again.

3. We'd have a heritage radio station like New Orleans' WWOZ, but, obviously, focused on Nashville music. All kinds of Nashville music. I mean, man, the other day when Lightning 100 did that full day of Nashville musicians? That blew my mind. A radio station that played only people who lived here, from any and all genres and any and all eras? I'd love that.

4. Every kid in the city would have a school in their neighborhood they could walk to. Like actually walk to. Not like the kids across the street from me who are close enough to walk but can't because there aren't sidewalks.

Ha, so, yeah, we'd either have much higher taxes or we'd have to change the city flag to a Jolly Roger and send folks out to raid nearby towns — but I totally think we can totally take Clarksville.

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