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Nashville-based artist Brent Stewart recently hipped us to a video he made for “Bitchesburninup” by the band Salem, a heavily slowed-down, spooky electronic trio who've been a personal favorite ever since the genre-defining term “witch house” stopped making me cringe. This was Salem's very first video, and the elderly woman striking serious poses is Stewart's doting mom.

Does its portrayal of geriatric ribaldry remind anyone else of a prototype for Harmony Korine's Trash Humpers?

The video is from 2008, but Stewart's more recent work can be seen at The Beasts That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World, currently on view at Zeitgeist Gallery. The exhibit consists largely of Stewart's haunting photographs of his daughters. His continued use of family members in his art — his mother in the Salem video of and the photographs of his children at Zeitgeist — highlights the most captivating element of his work: by using subjects that are familiar to him, Stewart gains access to a level of trust with his subject matter that allows them to appear detached and at ease — even as they behave in bizarre and unusual ways.

If you missed it last month, you're in luck, because Zeitgeist held over the show — which also includes work from Patrick DeGuira — through the month of June. Stop by on Thursday during the Hillsboro Village Art Walk to see the work up close. Until then, we've included a few of Stewart's pieces from show, after the jump ...

  • "The Beasts," Brent Stewart

  • "Snow White," Brent Stewart

  • "XII (Yellow Square)," Brent Stewart

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