Pick of the Day: Yael Dayan at Scarritt-Bennett Center



"Is Peace Possible in the Changing Middle East?"
Where: Scarritt-Bennett Center
When: 7 p.m. Mon., May 9

As the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict lingers on, both sides seem as intransigent as ever. And though casual observers may think, “The Palestinians want the occupied territories, and the Israelis don’t want to give them up,” the truth is far more complicated. For instance, quite a few Israelis are in favor of giving back most of the occupied territories, even if the official government stance says otherwise.

One of those Israelis is Yael Dayan. Few people have been as entrenched in the conflict as Dayan, who was in her late 20s when her father, Moshe Dayan, then Israeli defense minister, led the country’s military efforts in the Six-Day War and personally oversaw Israel’s capture of East Jerusalem. A former Knesset member and current chair of the Tel Aviv city council, Yael Dayan has become a vocal peace activist. She will speak about why she thinks Israel can make peace only if it gives back most of the occupied territories.

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