NPR's Jacki Lyden Reports on Magdalene/Thistle Farms


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On Monday, we alerted Pith readers to a three-part story about Nashville's Magdalene program airing on National Public Radio this week. Jacki Lyden's fascinating, in-depth report is at times disturbing but ultimately inspiring, as she follows police on prostitution stings, gets a tour of Nashville's roughest streets with former prostitutes, and talks with Magdalene founder Becca Stevens and women from Magdalene who've turned their lives around.

The third (and final) installment of Lyden's report aired today on Morning Edition. Below are links to all three reports. The above video, shot by National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez, provides a compelling overview of the series and puts faces to many of the voices heard in Lyden’s reports.

Tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m., Lyden, Stevens and a Magdalene graduate will be on Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan, and will be taking questions from callers.

Part 1: "For Prostitutes, An Alternative To The Streets"

Part 2: "Relapse And Recovery: A Tale Of Two Prostitutes"

Part 3: "A Business That Helps Prostitutes Bloom In Recovery"


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