City Limits: General Assembly Pounding Immigrants, and Foreign People in General, With Legislation



First, Pith will note that the first piece of anti-immigrant legislation mentioned in this week's story — Rep. Terri Lynn Weaver's mean-spirited, wrongheaded bill requiring students enrolling in public schools to prove their citizenship status — has mercifully been withdrawn. It was announced after the Scene had already gone to press. Such are the joys of the dead-tree format.

But lest you suspect the story has somehow been diluted, rest easy in the knowledge that the General Assembly's nativist tendencies remain unchecked. There is still a slate of pandering proposed legislation sure to draw the conservative vote and the condemnation of the civilized world in the name of common decency.

In this week's City Limits, we spend extra time examining the GA's grand coup de grĂ¢ce (which gets 0 points for originality) — Rep. Joe Carr's and Sen. Bill Ketron's Arizona copycat bill — and the damning opinions of the federal district court and the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the court's temporary injunction, effectively halting Arizona's enactment of an almost identical bill.

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