The Fisher King: Toronto Likes Mike [and So Can You!]



The Toronto Globe & Mail has been all over the Predators' collective jock thus far in the playoff season. Calling our boys The Little Team That Could and even admitting that the team has really become part of the city. An awful big change from the Canadian media's thinking of the past 10 years that Nashville doesn't deserve a hockey team.

Today, the Globe & Mail's Eric Duhatschek declares Mike Fisher "the quintessential Nashville Predator." Fisher potted two goals against the Ducks in Game 1, demonstrating exactly why the team traded for him this year and why patience was a virtue with the man who made an honest woman of Carrie Underwood.

Duhatschek writes:

Fisher is the quintessential Predators’ player, even if he’d spent the first decade of his NHL career playing in Ottawa. Defensively sound, a decent faceoff man, good speed, disciplined, all are required elements to play the Nashville way. That the off-ice fit so well was just a bonus, in terms of expediting the adjustment.

“I think he was pretty comfortable with our team in the locker room because he spends a lot of time in Nashville in the summer,” assessed Trotz, who noted that acquiring Fisher’s contract was a big deal for the small-market Predators. “We’ve had a lot of injuries this year and that can affect your budgets and payrolls — but [ownership] said we are trying to win hockey games in Nashville, so let’s go get him.

There's an argument to be made that Blake "Bam-Bam" Geoffrion is actually the quintessential Predator, since he notched a hat trick against Buffalo this year without taking anything that resembled a genuine shot on goal. A guy who can score three goals without shooting? Barry Trotz nearly grew a neck at the sight.

But back to Mike. When the Senators made a run at the Stanley Cup in 2007, the team adopted a terminally ill 3-year-old. Little Elgin died just as the Sens won the Eastern Conference. Fisher, of all the Senators, was really close with the little boy and his family.

Also, he beat up Ryan Getzlaf, which is nice.

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