Tweety City: Nashville Gets Twitter Nod as Trending Topic Locale



Maybe it's because our tweets are just so damn happy, but some time in the past few days, Twitter added Nashville to its list of cities worthy of their own trending topics list.

For those of you still playing Farmville on Facebook and remaining blissfully unaware of the meaning of #youlookedgooduntil, the folks at Twitter have deemed Nashville enough of a world-class city that its hot topics are now tracked minute-by-minute.

This all happened relatively quietly, and there's still some kinks to be worked out. For example, while "Opry Mills" was one of the most talked-about subjects worldwide Tuesday, Twitter said that Nashville was talking about "Tornado Watches," which occurred the night before.

In any case, Nashville's Twitter cred has been popping this week: Not only did Opry Mills trend globally Tuesday, but both Shea Weber and Mike Fisher made the international list during last night's 4-1 shellacking of the Ducks.

Maybe this is the next step to the big time — making Nashville an AP byline city. (As Steven Hale pointed out in a print-only City Paper feature this week (PDF after the jump) we aren't yet, but maybe should be.)

And not to pile on, but guess which city still isn't a Trending Topic city?

As Shane O'Brien would say: Scoreboard.

"There's an AP for That" (The City Paper)

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