Who Killed Cletus Haegert?



Clete Haegert
  • Clete Haegert
Well, we still don't know, to put it bluntly. The shooting of Haegert, a longtime Nashville songwriter, country-music singer and producer — ever heard of Bob Frank? — in his Winchester home remains a mystery.

But for those of you who followed the story down its strange, sordid trail, it isn't without a recent bend. Clete's stepdaughters, Delora Woods and Gina Sherrer, pleaded guilty last week to aggravated criminal trespassing for breaking into Haegert's home days before he was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds. You may remember that shortly after his body was discovered by his stepson, James Harris, on Dec. 17, 2009, Woods, Sherrer, and Woods' son Robert Ingram were arrested for the break-in. The women told police they ransacked the place to find a prenuptial agreement he'd signed before he married their mother, the late Marjorie Harris Haegert. At the time, Haegert was at a Tennessee Titans game with James Harris.

A battle over his late wife's sizable estate — potentially worth up to $3 million — was brewing. Haegert's relationship with Woods and Sherrer had become acidic. So far, no one has been able to determine whether the break-in and Clete's murder are related. No charges have been filed by the district attorney, and the investigation is ongoing some 15 months later. Sherrer and Woods will be sentenced in June for the trespassing charge. Ingram, who was charged on suspicion of criminal responsibility for the break-in, will be tried this summer. The district attorney's office is not alleging that Ingram actually entered the home, but declined to elaborate further.

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